Workshops and Retreats

New Ways of Knowing



July 16-19, 2017 at Knoll Farm Refuge in Fayston Vermont

Bring your open heart – and your cautious one. Bring your curiosity – and your challenges. Bring your joy – and your grief. Come with the questions that are alive for you. 

There is only one requirement: the willingness to enter the doorway of presence and meet what arises.

~What to expect~

  • Expand how you know through presence, empathy and body-awareness. 
  • Engage in collective practices that generate illuminating discoveries about personal and collective challenges, and reveal new paths forward.
  • Return home with powerful new tools and a new community of practice. 

At the New Ways of Knowing retreat, we will focus on dismantling what we consider to be the core illusion that maintains dominant systems: the belief that we are separate. Through practices that engage presence, empathy and body-awareness, you will discover how to go beyond the individual into the collective, generating what we playfully call the “group oracle”. You will have a profound experience of our interconnection, one that will enrich and expand your worldview.

When we can see the world through the lens of interconnection and relationship, everything changes. We move from isolation to community, from power-over to co-creation, from difference and separation to uniqueness and belonging.

Facilitated by Nadia Khan Kimmie and Alison Fornés, two skilled and intuitive guides, and supported by the land and the ancestors, we invite you to join the circle!

(EDIT: This event has passed.)

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