Personal Reflections

Difference is Divine


How do people go from “we believe differently” to “you are evil”?

What social structures maintain this idea, even as individuals start to see it as false?

And what are the ways I, personally, have been agreeing to and participating in this pattern?

About a month ago, a veil lifted.
And when it did, an idea simply disappeared from my brain. I could no longer believe it anymore, the thought that “we believe differently, I am good, you are evil.” No matter how it was framed, I could see right through it. 

Since it’s leaving, I have felt greater ease, access to joy, and centeredness. It has become easy to turn off the noise that attempts to deliver that idea into my brain, and instead to turn towards nature, inspiration, and connection.

And yet, I have also felt a loss. Or more accurately, fear.
When I sit with it, I see that it is an existential fear: loss of belonging. The fear that my closest relationships are held together because of our shared loyalty to the belief, They believe differently. We are good. They are evil.

I’m going to restate this thoughtform in another way: “Difference is evil.

As I write those words, I feel how ancient they are. To recognize this thoughtform takes us far beyond this moment – through generations, eras, and epochs. How long have I and my ancestors carried this belief and fear in our bones? 

I have found that all of my work these days asks me to shine a light on this thoughtform and where it hides. I’ll give you a clue about where to look for it in yourself: anytime you feel righteous. Anytime you stop seeing an individual person and instead see “them”. 

I am sharing this because it is GOOD NEWS! Once we see the thoughtform, we can release it and turn towards the realization it has been obscuring:

You are a unique, sovereign, interconnected, one-of-a-kind expression of Creation! 

You Belong to the Divine Family.
You are never separate from Love. You ARE LOVE.
You are living the Divine Paradox of separation and unity.
As a unique, separate, sovereign being, you give joyfully by living your Authentic Embodied Essence, and you receive with delight the infinite expressions of the Divine Other.  In this way you embody both the Lover and the Beloved, recreating the pleasure of Divine Union over and over again!

This is how you are called to be now, here. There exists an infinite and varied expression of joy and authenticity and ecstatic connection that is your Divine Potential, waiting to be birthed.

What now?

So many people are feeling their trauma activated, others feel a defensive or aggressive ego, others feel fragile. Many others are at the edge of awakening, moving between expansion and contraction. Reach out to me if you feel I can support you. You can always drop me an email:

PS: I’ve got a new name!

Alison has served me well for many years, and I celebrate and honor her! And, Spirit whispered a new name to me recently that moved me so profoundly. I recognized myself.

I am Aitabé, which means Spirit of Mother Earth in Taino.

It’s pronounced eye-tah-BAY. Feel free to just call me Bé (Bay).

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