Intuition in Education, Media / Book Review

Must Watch for Conscious Educators

Have you heard of Matías de Stefano?

He became known because when he was 3 years old, he started having complete recollection of his past lives – all of them. And not just past lives, but he has access to what one might call “complete” memory – the history of all of creation. He’s quite a remarkable person. You can find his current blog at (there is a translate button on the blog), not to mention a Gaia TV series called Initiation and a documentary called The Rememberer.

However, my intuition to follow him is related to education. I had this really strong sense that he had something important to say about it. Then I found THIS VIDEO.

It’s a lecture he gave in 2015 on Education. It’s part of a series on the 7 Chakras of the Social Body: agriculture, culture, technology, economy, education, politics, and spirituality.

In my opinion, every minute of it is a rich treasure. He describes the original meaning of educare, recounts the history of education through today, names the challenge we face now, and has clarity about the direction forward. Truly, if you are educating for a thriving future, this is a much watch video. (Make sure to turn on captions if you need translation).


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