The Field

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Between me and you there is a third. You and I call it our relationship. In an organization we call it the culture.

We often think of relationship and culture as the result of the influence we have. However, these terms point to something much more interesting: a distinct field that shapes and influences us as much or more than we influence it.

Consider, for example, two groups – one that you love and one that you would rather avoid. Each group has a distinct field. Within that field, certain attitudes, ideas, inspiration, behaviors, and actions are accessible to you, while others would be inaccessible without a revolution. THAT is the field.

A field is a distinct subtle entity – an invisible connecting force. In human systems, WE are the form the field takes – it expresses itself through us.

But the field is not our master. It is simply a property of the system that allows the system to function with much greater ease.

When we become conscious of the Field we are able work in co-creative partnership with it. Synchronicity becomes the norm and we experience a new dimension of creative emergence.

I’m hosting a conversation about the Field today at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 6pm CET. You’re invited.


A FREE Online Conversation
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Monday July 12, 2021

So what exactly is “the field” and why is it important in teaching and learning? There is an invisible connecting force present in all relationships and systems. Though we can’t see it, your ability to be aware of it and nurture it may be one of the most impactful things you can do for your family, your classroom, or your learning community.

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