What is Empathic Intelligence?

What Belongs? Three Dimensions of a Social Constellation

Introduction I have recently been working with clients in the non-profit world who have been using systems thinking and mapping. These organizations are working on a variety of social and environmental change questions. Their goals are greater understanding of their systems to create effective, lasting, positive change. What they have found is that while they value systems thinking… Continue reading What Belongs? Three Dimensions of a Social Constellation

What is Body-Centered Inquiry?, What is Empathic Intelligence?

Empower Your Body-Mind!

We have been working from a very restrictive paradigm when it comes to how we know things. Like Rodin's "The Thinker", we have placed enormous emphasis on using our brain to make sense of bits of information in order to try to know something. Anyone who has ever sifted through research data, or news reports,… Continue reading Empower Your Body-Mind!