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Teaching Empathic Intelligence to Teens – Part 2: Developmental Stages

Intelligence is more than intellect The educational system is focused on developing the intellect. The intellect is viewed as being located in the brain, experienced as the thoughts we have in our head, and demonstrated through writing and test taking. My work is to expand this limited view by introducing new practices that create richer… Continue reading Teaching Empathic Intelligence to Teens – Part 2: Developmental Stages

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The Knowing Revolution!

I am so pleased to announce my new YouTube Channel: The Knowing Revolution! The channel is designed for educators who want to bring more joy and engagement into their learning environments through empowered, expanded knowing! I will be providing instruction in expanded knowing, and interviewing people who inspire me. Check out Episode 1: Intuition and… Continue reading The Knowing Revolution!

What is Body-Centered Inquiry?, What is Empathic Intelligence?

Empower Your Body-Mind!

We have been working from a very restrictive paradigm when it comes to how we know things. Like Rodin's "The Thinker", we have placed enormous emphasis on using our brain to make sense of bits of information in order to try to know something. Anyone who has ever sifted through research data, or news reports,… Continue reading Empower Your Body-Mind!