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“I have experienced such a depth of listening, on multiple dimensions, in sessions with Aitabé (Alison).

Her support has deepened the connection with myself, my ancestors and guides. Most recently, she facilitated a process whereby we made contact with my core trauma, core strategy, core self and essence and through her empathic skills and capacity to uncover ancestral stories, the process brought me into connection with and remembering of my resources as well as deeper compassion for my core trauma and strategy.If you’re seeking guidance and support in connecting with your own knowing of your core self and your own essence to support further integration of your gifts, I highly recommend working with Alison. “ ~Kat Gibson

Unfolding – A 6-Week Constellation Circle with Aitabé

Wednesdays March 17, 24, 31, April 7, 14, 21 (2021)
6pm ET – 9pm ET (Click here for your time zone)
Space is limited to 6 people. A personal constellation is guaranteed for each participant.


This circle is for you if:

  1. There’s something important in your life that you can’t understand or shift on your own.

    Are you seeking to live in full alignment with your heart – but experiencing fear or resistance to change? Are you wanting greater connection and intimacy, but struggling with healthy boundaries? Are you a parent who feels overwhelmed and you desire greater ease and peace in your parenting? Is there a longing – perhaps one that has been present all your life – that you are ready to follow? Are you looking for deeper healing around issues that you thought you had already worked through? WHEREVER you are in your life, if you have questions that you want greater insight into, I guarantee you will be deeply impacted by this experience. 
  1. You want to develop your intuition and trust your inner knowing.

    Although intuition is often dismissed and largely misunderstood, your intuition is your most valuable way of knowing. This experience will prove it to you. In this group you will experience how accessible and powerful your intuition is. You will discover that you have the ability to feel when a system in constricted and when it is flowing, and we will use this information to help each other open up to our own wholeness.
  1. You want to understand how a community can be of healing service together and get inspired by what’s possible.

    For me, constellation work has shifted my understanding of what groups of people can do together. We have so much power! You will experience what constellators refer to as ‘the Field’ – the knowing consciousness that we access for this work. While the focus of this group will be the personal constellations we experience together each week, I will also share teachings and exercises that you can use on your own or with peers so that you continue to grow in your experience of what’s possible.

It’s hard to overstate how powerful these circles are. When we spend this time together in the Field, there arises a great sense of awe and a deep connection to each other and to the All-That-Is. This circle is designed specifically to allow for a personal constellation for everyone who participates and to have the experience of being of healing service to each other over an extended period.

This group will meet on Wednesdays from 6-9pm ET. 

If you are interested, but can’t make that time, send me an email and I’ll see if we can make a second group.

To register:

  1. Take a moment and feel into this offering. If you get a yes, send an email to letting me know!
  2. I will send you a confirmation in reply. I will reply personally – please give me a few hours to respond. I’ll send you the info to pay me in full $240 or you can make three payments of $80. 
  3. We will meet on zoom for all of our calls. 

Reach out if you have questions! 

With a Sunny Heart,


Private, 1:1 Constellation Session

Online or in-person. By appointment only.

$180 per session / Please reserve 2 hours for our appointment.
Email me at to make an appointment.

It is truly my honor to listen deeply into the questions you carry on your heart, and support you as you find the path to your own healing. – Aitabé (Alison)

“Aitabé is a creative visionary.

She sees patterns that allow her to structure constellations that are easy to use, yet multilayered and deeply healing. She can witness what others may shy from, whether it is the shadow side in a constellation, or in our culture and community. She allows truth at a deep level which creates space for amazing healing and light.”

~Linda Vishala Baker,

Past Events

The Divine Union of Liberty and Justice

Tuesday November 17, 2020
4 – 7pm PT; 7-10pm ET
$40 Suggested

In the US, polarized politics has created a separation between Liberty and Justice. Playing inside this separation are Power, Creativity, the Trickster, and other archetypes and forces. What do we need to understand about this split, and what is the impact of their reunion on our collective?

This is a 3-hour Collective Constellation (not a personal constellation). As is the nature of the work, participants often receive profound, personal insights even as we work on a collective question.

All are welcome – no previous Constellation experience required!

Exchange: $20 suggested for general participation; $180 suggested for personal constellation

(This event has passed)

You will receive payment information upon registration.

The weekly constellation circle is open to personal constellation work or constellations around a theme.

What can you expect?

Each circle begins with a meditation and brief check-in. If we are working with a theme, there will be a short teaching and reflection on the theme, followed by a time to tune-in / sense into the Field and report to each other on our experience.

If there is a client who will have a personal constellation, I will do a brief interview to listen for the themes and dynamics in the client’s inquiry. We will then choose representatives and begin the constellation.

Wednesday September 2, 2020

Dismantling Internalized Capitalism

Wednesday July 1, 2020

Remembering Taíno – Ancestral Connection for People of Taíno Descent

This was a profoundly moving experience for us. If you are called to hold a loving witness space, we welcome your viewing.
Can We Recover Lost Ancestral Knowledge? A Presentation about the Remembering Taino workshop.

Monday June 1, 2020

The Four Dimensions of the Cross: An Archetype of Awakening

Monday June 1, 2020; 7-9pm ET

To Register: Email

The Four Dimensions of the Cross is a universal, archetypal map. It belongs to no religion; rather, it belongs and is available to all of us. Essential to this living pattern is the Feminine: the circle, the womb/tomb of birth, death and rebirth.

I am called to share this widely. It goes without saying that I didn’t design or even discover it. Rather, while in the Field of a Systemic Constellation with a group of healers, I witnessed with enough attention to be able to name it. Taking this journey will provide insight into where we are right now and where we are going, especially as more and more people wake up to the systems of oppression and extraction fueled by trauma.

The Process:
The question we will bring to the journey is this: “If George Floyd has been murdered for hundreds of years, what would it take for this time to be the last time?”

Participants will choose representations in this Field. And then we will collectively move through the four dimensions.

This is a live Zoom call. It is scheduled for 2 hours, 7-9pm ET. However, please be aware that we may go over time.

This is a FREE call. I am offering this because my heart calls me to.

Thursday June 3, 2020

Fear, Discernment, Clarity

The opposite of fear is not “fearlessness” it is our present and embodied contact with the Flow of Life. Making sense of fear is of particular importance right now, especially when we it can get confused with being cautious or being responsible. This constellation workshop will help you embody the difference between fear and the Flow of Life. It will allow you to have personal clarity about which choices best support you, your community and our planet.

This event has passed.

Tuesday June 9, 2020

Tuesdays at 10am ET (3pm UK / 4pm CET) – Small Group Healing and Emergence
I am called to convene small circles of 3-4 together for month-long healing immersion. We will meet once a week, allowing us to create an amplified field to so that you can experience a deep breakthrough shift in your personal healing, because your Soul – and our planet – really need you to Shine right now!

Reach out to me if this intrigues you. Exchange: Pay from the Heart Scale $69 – $29 per week for 4 weeks. 

To Register / Inquire:

Tuesday 9 June is an introduction – open to all. I will guide you through the basic structure and answer any questions you have. The first Small Group Healing and Emergence circle begins Tuesday 16 June, 2020.


Mondays at 7pm – 9pm ET (4pm – 6pm PT) Weekly Constellation Circle.

For now, and until it’s time for something new, I am changing my Monthly Constellation Circle to a weekly Monday gathering. You are invited to reserve a Monday for personal work – drop me an email if you have something you want to work on. If no personal constellations are reserved, we will listen together and let the Field guide us.

Exchange: Donation or free for general participation; $180 suggested for personal constellation. Reach out if you need a different exchange.

To Register: Email

MONTH-LONG Healing and Emergence Focus

We will meet once a week, allowing us to create an amplified field to so that you can experience a deep breakthrough shift in your personal healing, because your Soul – and our planet – really need you to Shine right now!

The first cohort begins Tuesday June 16, 2020. Reach out to me if this intrigues you. Exchange: Pay from the Heart Scale $69 – $29 per week for 4 weeks. 

To Register / Inquire: