Empathic Intelligence In Practice

A Deep Commitment to Change

Accessing Your Empathic Intelligence to Transform Personal, Organizational and Social Systems.

All living things possess the capacity to sense into their environment and respond in ways that place the individual in alignment with the health and well-being of the whole. This is true for all variety of life and at every scale: cell, organism, species, bioregion, and planet.

We suffer when this capacity is disrupted. Every reader of this text is acutely aware of the disruption we are experiencing globally at this time. Yes, the causes are varied and complex. However, the heart of the problem is the fact that we – the animals with the most power to impact the earth – have lost connection with our natural ability to perceive, interpret and respond to subtle (and not so subtle) messages in our environment.

When you regain the capacity of your empathic intelligence, the complex, invisible of web connections and relationships that hold old systems in place becomes revealed, allowing the establishment of new connections that nourish and support wholeness.

And, because your empathic intelligence is a core part of your humanness, you experience new flows of creativity, insight, presence, aliveness and joy when you access it.

If you are one of the many who are called to find a positive and healing response to the scale of suffering and disruption we face, let’s take some steps on the journey together. My great joy is facilitating reconnection to your inner knowing through your empathic intelligence.  I work with individuals and groups, in person and online. I welcome your inquiries.

Whatever your path, may you hear and respond to your own deep longing – for it is your gift to the world!

With a Sunny Heart,

Alison Fornés

alison <at> expandedknowing.com

(845) 863-3318

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